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24.03.2017 One percent infected, 50 percent vulnerable
Google has posted the Android Security 2016 Year in Review report

24.03.2017 Mod app craze: source of danger
Fake mod apps have been downloaded from Google Play nearly one million times

23.03.2017 Android malware spreads via fake base stations in China
Chinese cybercriminals are using a new way to distribute malicious software

23.03.2017 Hackers blackmail Apple
Cybercriminals claim they have access to over 300 million iCloud accounts

22.03.2017 Guilty of forgetting his password
US appeals court upholds ruling of lower court

22.03.2017 Uptick in website hacking by a third
Google reported on the increase in successful attacks on websites in 2016

21.03.2017 Microsoft discontinues Windows Vista technical support
Worst Windows OS to become a thing of the past

21.03.2017 Kurdish hacker attacks websites of US celebrities
The Kurdish activist fights against ISIS and for independence from Turkey by hacking the websites of US celebrities

20.03.2017 Malware encrypted in NSIS
Cybercriminals use NSIS installers to distribute Cerber and Locky malware

20.03.2017 McDonalds India app puts 2.2 million users at risk
The McDonalds India app did not go far enough to protect users’ data

17.03.2017 Millions of teens’ data leaked
Hackers cracked the Wishbone app

17.03.2017 Leaking and shipping
Samsung online store buyers’ data may be jeopardized

16.03.2017 Four Russians charged with Yahoo hack
The US Justice Department discloses indicted hackers names

16.03.2017 WhatsApp and Telegram vulnerability patched
Encrypted-messaging apps are not that secure

15.03.2017 Facebook and Instagram prohibit surveillance
The social media platform has prohibited using its data to create surveillance tools

15.03.2017 US to indict suspected Yahoo hackers
US authorities are to indict four suspects who allegedly organized the greatest data leak in history

14.03.2017 A less than eight-character password makes no password at all
Expert comes down on password composition rules

14.03.2017 Users do not keep up with updates
Vulnerabilities are fixed much faster, and security updates are installed much slower

13.03.2017 Smartphones are sold pre-installed malware
Almost 40% of the popular models of Android smartphones manufactured by the leading companies get to customers with pre-installed malicious software

13.03.2017 WikiLeaks will reveal the codes of the CIA hacking instruments
Julian Assange promised to provide technology companies with detailed information on spyware