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24.04.2017 Chinese hackers are behind the attacks of South Korean missile defense system
Experts report that China is trying to prevent the deployment of THAAD complex in South Korea

24.04.2017 Amateur hackers added NSA tools to their toolbox
The number of infections of computers running Windows OS is rapidly growing

21.04.2017 Hajime against Mirai: a battle of giants
New malware for Internet of Things (IoT) devices hasn’t done anything bad so far and this is what makes it suspicious

21.04.2017 A student got arrested for hacking a school system
A young hacker from Texas tried to make money off D-students

20.04.2017 1200 of Intercontinental Hotels Group's hotels suffered a hacker attack
Hotel chain underestimated the scale of the attack exactly 100 times

20.04.2017 MasterCard is testing a card with a built-in fingerprint scanner
The payment system intends to bring the bankcard protection to a whole new level

19.04.2017 “Poor users” took offense at Snapchat
Hackers claim that they posted online personal details of almost 2 million users of the popular app

19.04.2017 Passion for Karmen
New ransomware Karmen: value for money

18.04.2017 Stuxnet’s trace was found in the NSA archives
The Shadow Brokers group has done “the worst thing since Snowden”

18.04.2017 Hackers have compromised over 1000 YouTube channels
OurMine group keeps “taking care of security”

17.04.2017 Korean missile could have been destroyed by the US cyberattack
Former UK Foreign Secretary named the possible reason for the failed attempt at testing North Korean ballistic missile

17.04.2017 A serious illness of the American healthcare
Only in a month medical facilities in the US allowed 1.5 million patient records to be leaked

14.04.2017 Cerber “bit” Locky to death
Malware Cerber has become the undisputed leader among ransomware

14.04.2017 Vulnerability in the oven
Cookers manufactured by AGA Rangemaster Group are easy prey for hackers

13.04.2017 “Hack me if you can”
India’s Electoral Commission defies hackers

13.04.2017 Celebgate 2.0 is on the rise
Intimate photos of celebrities are posted online again

12.04.2017 Microsoft Office zero-day vulnerability eliminated
Criminals used this vulnerability to distribute banking trojan Dridex

12.04.2017 Hackers enriched themselves of students
30 million dollars stolen from the US treasury

11.04.2017 CIA tools were used for many cyberattacks
CIA cyber espionage set of tools uncovered by WikiLeaks has been used against 16 countries already

11.04.2017 Sirens in Dallas
Hackers “alerted” a large city in the USA