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How it works

The Technical Center of Internet provides support for the registers of  top-level domains in Russia, .RU, .РФ, .SU, .ДЕТИ, .TATAR as well as exchanges information with the registrars that perform second-level domain name registrations by sending queries to the TCI.

The domain name registration system supports two registrar protocols:

  • CEP (Сurrent Email Рrotocol), using SMTP as a transport protocol;
  • RIPN-EPP (Extensible Provisioning Protocol), a XML-based message exchange protocol using TCP/IP, with SSL to protect the traffic.

The system contains information on the following parameters and their changes:

  • the list of domain names;
  • the list of domain administrators;
  • the list of DNS servers;
  • the list of companies with register access rights allowing them to register objects;
  • DNS zone files log;
  • the list of domain names prohibited for registration;
  • message log;
  • system log.

At the moment, the domain name registration system  allows supporting 50 million domain names, with possible expansion up to 100 million domain names. On average, query response time is ca. 30 milliseconds. The system supports both IPv4 and IPv6, as well as provides WHOIS interface.

WHOIS is a TCP-based query and response protocol, widely used for querying domain name administrators databases. TCI's WHOIS service is capable of returning 3000 queries per second.