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How to become an accredited registrar

Technical Center of Internet CJSC provides services to gain access to the registry of domain names. Any legal entity accredited in the Coordination Center for TLD RU (for registries .РФ, .RU) or in The Foundation for Internet Development (for registry .SU) can sign an Agreement to receive services of gaining access to the registry of the domain names.
*Pricing of services is based on the prices specified in the Agreement.
Template of the contract and its annexes can be found in the Documents section.

To sign an Agreement is it necessary to:

  • Provide information from the Agreement of accreditation with the Coordination center or data on preliminary contract with The Foundation for Internet Development
  • Provide to the Technical Center of Internet the following information:
    1. Name of the organization in Russian and English
    2. Banking data
    3. VAT and TRRC
    4. List of email, used for authorization
    5. List of email, used for notification when changing objects
    6. List of email, contact address of the Registrar
    7. List of email, used to notify in case of unauthorised access to the objects of Registrar
    8. Mailing address (in English)
    9. Mailing address (in Russian)
    10. Legal address (in Russian)
    11. IP access address (v4)
    12. IP access address (v6)
    13. URL of WEB-server
    14. Address of WHOIS-server.

On the basis of this information TCI executes a contract and provides access to the test base of the needed registry.
After signing the contract and passing technical tests Registrar is granted access to the working base of the needed registrar.