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Technological platform


The Technical Center of Internet (TCI) maintains and ensures stability of the domain name registration system in .RU, .РФ, .SU, .ДЕТИ, .TATAR top-level domains, therefore being responsible for seamless experiences for the Internet community.

TCI maintains an automated system of domain name administration and registration in .RU, .SU, .РФ, .ДЕТИ, .TATAR as well as the technical infrastructure required for the DNS system (primary service). The DNS infrastructure for secondary domain zones spreads nationwide as well as has nodes in various countries, its capacity and stability ensured by a regional Internet exchange point (IX) operator, MSK-IX. MSK-IX is also responsible for providing Internet connectivity and external protection for the .RU, .РФ, .SU, .ДЕТИ, .TATAR registration system.

The TCI strives to ensure stability and resiliency of the critical Internet infrastructure, and, as its counterparts in the other countries, is responsible for an important part of the global network.


The domain name registration system runs in a geographically distributed network. Two technologically equal nodes are located in Moscow and St.-Petersburg, Russia.

Each TCI node consists of automated domain name registration and maintenance system, primary DNS and application servers. The Moscow node is located in the KIAEHOUSE Datacenter in the Kurchatov Institute National Research Centre.

The second node is located in the Oktyabrskaya Railway Datacenter in St.-Petersburg.

Consistent, seamless service

The nodes in Moscow and St.-Petersburg boast duplex connection by two independent optical channels, as well as have fully independent Internet and IX connections to IXes in Moscow and St.-Petersburg. The maintenance is performed by the TCI's own team of engineers; a monitoring team also operates 24/7.

Each node's equipment is duplicated for additional safety.

Only one node is functioning at a time, with the other in "hot reserve" mode. In case the first node is experiencing any performance issues, the second node replaces it immediately; the maintenance works are carried out in the same manner.

Safety and security

Two independent nodes in different locations ensure robust, seamless work of the domain name registration system even in case of the force majeure, owing its stability to the duplicated equipment.

The physical locations of the Moscow and St.-Petersburg nodes boast the highest levels of security as well. The Moscow node is safely protected by three levels of security: the datacenter's perimeter is guarded 24/7, an independent security team ensures safety of the building, with the datacenter itself having round-the-clock CCTV surveillance and strict access control. The datacenter is equipped with the latest fire extinguishing technology using inert gases that don't damage the equipment in the unlikely case of fire.

Oktyabrskaya Railway Datacenter is a secure territory of the technology park that uses robust technologies to ensure seamless functioning.
A distributed network of the DNS nodes in seven Federal Districts nationwide as well as in Europe, the Americas and Asia, has multiple hardware and network reservation. Maximum connectivity with Russian and international providers as well as round-the-clock tech support service enables seamless, fail-safe DNS system for various top-level domains with minimum response time and 99.999% service availability from anywhere in the global network.