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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to the frequently asked questions about activities of Technical Center of Internet.

Why was Technical center of Internet created?

In 2009 Coordination center for TLD RU and the Foundation for Internet Development (domain registry .SU) jointly established Technical Center of Internet (TCI). TCI performs technical functions in support of the main registries and registration systems of national domains. .RU, .РФ и .SU, ensures effective and uninterrupted operation of the system of domain names of Russian segment and Internet as a whole. Creating of TCI led to unification and simplification of the procedures to connect to the Chief Registrar of national registry of domains, providing the stability and reliability of the Russian top-level domains .RU, .РФ и .SU and improving the quality of the services provided by registrars.

Who can use TCI’s services?

Part of the services is for the accredited administrators of domains.RU, .РФ и .SU, another part – TLDStat, for example – for TDL registries, hosters, registrars.

Can I register a domain name at Technical Center of Internet?

Technical center of Internet does not provide services for registration of domain names. These services are provided by registrars – organisations, accredited by Coordination center for TLD RU or the Foundation for Internet Development, for the implementation of these functions.

Full list of accredited registrars

Does TCI accept complaint on the actions of registrar?

No, it does not, because Technical Center of Internet provides Internet domain name registrars in the second-level domains .RU, .РФ, .SU support services to the General Registry under license agreements with the Coordination Center and the FID. All the complaints against domain name registrars should be addressed to CC or FID accordingly.

Russian national domains grow relatively quickly, and now domain.ДЕТИ is going to be added, and, possibly, some other top level domains. Wouldn't this growth affect TCI’s efficiency?

No, it wouldn't, because the current system of domain names’ registration in domains .RU, .РФ, .SU allows to maintain information of about 50 million domain names, moveover an expansion to 100 million domain names is envisaged. Average processing time ~ 30 milliseconds.