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.RU domain marks 23 years

Twenty-three years ago, on April 7, 1994, the registration of the top-level .RU domain was officially confirmed. The domain approaches its anniversary with quite impressive figures. It includes 5,524,575 domain names and is the fifth largest among all national ccTLDs, behind .CN (China), .DE (Germany), .UK (United Kingdom) and .NL (the Netherlands). The domain is the ninth largest among all top-level domains, both general and national.
Over 2016, .RU grew 7.6% or 384,641 domain names. The domain crossed the 5.5 million threshold on February 25, 2017. Currently, .RU has delegated 95% domain names.

In the past year, the number of accredited registrars has increased substantially. Twelve more companies joined last year, not only from Moscow and St. Petersburg but also from other regions. The first registrar was accredited in Novosibirsk in the Urals. There are now a total of 45 accredited registrars in the market.

The number of administrative domain names has also increased. Since April 7, 2016, it has grown by almost 100,000. There are now over two million administrators (80.7% individual and 19.3% corporate).
“Technical Center of Internet and its partners provide security and reliability for the .RU domain and other Russian domains. We give a lot of attention to information security, DNS reliability, and combating cyber threats. Together with the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ, we cooperate with the increasing number of accredited registrars. We can see that the new registrars are popping up everywhere across Russia and our national domain is adding regions to its coverage,” Technical Center of Internet CEO Alexei Platonov commented.

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