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13.03.2017 TLDStat statistical platform presented at ICANN58
An expert from the Technical Center of Internet spoke at the technical session

02.03.2017 TLS-supporting websites in .RU reach 236,000
A TCI expert spoke at the 71st meeting of the APTLD

07.02.2017 Dmitry Belyavsky: No one country can guarantee IoT security
Moscow hosts Cyber Security Forum 2017

03.02.2017 "The letter S in the IoT acronym stands for Security”
TCI expert speaks at Infoforum 2017

01.12.2016 New technologies that change the world
12th MSK-IX Peering Forum ends in Moscow

29.11.2016 Technical Center of Internet holds an extraordinary general meeting
BDO Unicon becomes TCI audit company

05.11.2016 Domains deleted by mistake have been recovered
On November 4th the registration system of domain names of the Technical Center of Internet failed because of human factor

01.11.2016 All quiet on Runet
According to the Technical Center of Internet, Runet is resistant to DDoS-attacks

13.10.2016 Participants in RANS conference discuss IDN email development
An expert at the Technical Center of Internet spoke about the introduction of email services for non-Latin domain names

22.09.2016 Data protection in the internet of things must be improved
Technical Center of Internet expert Dmitry Belyavsky speaks at the Internet of Things forum

21.09.2016 Alexei Platonov speaks about import substitution of software
Technical Center of Internet Director spoke at the conference ‘On the Internet Aboard a Boat’

08.09.2016 TCI offers a solution for mail service in IDN domains
Introduction of a fully functioning e-mail service in non-Latin domains could become a new growth area for Yandex

07.09.2016 DNS protocol doesn’t provide data protection against eavesdropping
At TLDCON 2016 TCI experts explained how to provide privacy in DNS

07.09.2016 Alexei Platonov: “Importance of ccTLDs is constantly growing”
9th International Conference for ccTLD registries and registrars of CIS, Central and Eastern Europe has started

29.08.2016 Electronic domain transfer introduced on August 30
Electronic domain transfer accessible to all registrars from August 30

08.08.2016 Virtual Registrar now supports online domain transfer
New procedure will become mandatory for all registrars after August 30

26.07.2016 Tbilisi to host TLDCON 2016
TLDCON 2016’s preliminary program unveiled

12.07.2016 Runet TLS penetration triples in June year-on-year
Security and data encryption technology shows its highest growth

07.07.2016 Yelena Voronina: “Data storage allows business to feel more confident”
Participants in the DOMINO-2016 conference discussed the performance of data-escrow providers

20.06.2016 Technical Center of Internet’s Board of Directors to remain unchanged
The annual meeting of shareholders of the Technical Center of Internet has been held