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23.09.2014 TCI's Information Security Management System was successfully certified
Implementation and preparation for the certification of TCI’s ISMS to comply with standard’s provisions was conducted with the involvement of AMT Grou...

12.09.2014 TLDCON 2014 focuses on cybersecurity and legal regulations
TLDCON 2014 conference ends

10.09.2014 New domains are changing the nature of the domain business
According to participants in TLDCON 2014, the relationship between registries, registrars and users is being redefined

10.09.2014 TLDCON 2014: Domains are the cornerstone of the Internet
The 7th annual conference of ccTLD registries and registrars of the CIS and Central and Eastern European countries, TLDCON 2014, opened in Baku

09.09.2014 ENOG 8: global connectivity and new Internet technologies
8th regional conference ENOG (Eurasia Network Operators’ Group) has opened in Baku, Azerbaijan

08.09.2014 Technical Center of Internet will manage .TATAR domain
During the event dedicated to the Day of the Republic of Tatarstan, it was announced that General Availability period started for registrations in .TA...

10.06.2014 Registration opens in .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА domains
Registration of domain names in the new .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА TLDs opened at noon today. The owners of domain names from the ICANN depository were given...

06.06.2014 Elena Voronina: «Growth in the use of IPv6 has exceeded all expectations»
A conference “IPv6 Day and more” dedicated to the World IPv6 Day was held in Saint Petersburg on June 6, 2014

02.06.2014 First application for the .ДЕТИ domain
The 28th HostObzor Russian Forum of Hosting Providers has opened in Roshchino, St. Petersburg

27.05.2014 ENOG 7 discusses international Internet initiatives
The second day of the ENOG 7 meeting was focused on IDN domain development, network security and Internet governance

26.05.2014 ENOG 7: Participants discuss cooperation
After the break, the ENOG 7/RIPE NCC Regional Meeting participants discussed technical and technological issues such as security of the global routing...

26.05.2014 Alexei Platonov: ENOG audience keeps growing with every passing year
The ENOG 7/RIPE NCC Regional Meeting began in Moscow on May 26. This meeting of the Eurasia Network Operators' Group (ENOG) will focus on ...

14.05.2014 Present and future of IPv6 protocol to be discussed in St Petersburg
The traditional IPv6 and More international conference will be held at the St Petersburg’s Popov Central Museum of Communications on June 6

05.05.2014 A new DNS Node for .RU, .РФ and .SU domains has been set up in Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan Network Information Center (KazNIC – operator of domains .KZ and .ҚАЗ) and Technical Center of Internet, operator of domains .RU, ....

21.04.2014 Marina Nikerova: «The law of large numbers is what works on domain market»
A conference «Development of Russia's Country Code Domains in the Era of New Top Level Domains. Who knows the Internet tomorrow?» took place on Ap...

08.04.2014 RIGF participants discuss human rights and cyber security
The 5th Russian Internet Governance Forum (RIGF 2014) was followed up by themed panels where participants discussed cyber security, online pri...

07.04.2014 Marina Nikerova: We have nurtured .RU to maturity
The Fifth Russian Internet Governance Forum (RIGF-2014) has opened in Moscow. It is hosted by the Coordination Center for TLD RU/РФ and the Te...

07.04.2014 .ДЕТИ gTLD to be launched today
The domain was delegated to the Smart Internet Foundation in February 2014 within the New gTLD Program

04.04.2014 Russia’s Internet authority launches L-root name server mirror
Russia’s Technical Center of Internet (TCI) and the ICANN corporation have launched a new mirror for the L-root DNS server, one of the world’s...

06.03.2014 ДЕТИ gTLD ready to be launched
The Smart Internet Foundation, the registry of the .ДЕТИ gTLD, signed cooperation agreements today with ICANN-accredited Russian domain name registrar...