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01.10.2013 Malware Fort Disco got to Email and FTP
Swiss experts of the resource Abuse.ch that studies spread of botnets reported on evolution of malware known as Fort Disco

30.09.2013 Google introduced a complete encryption of all search queries
Google announced full transition to the usage of cryptographic protocol SSL. This means that any search query addressed to Google goes through the procedure of encryption

30.09.2013 Watering hole type of attacks becomes hackers' favorite weapon
Watering hole type of attacks becomes hackers' favorite weapon

27.09.2013 IT experts in search of «internal enemies»
Californian company Vormetric and Enterprise Strategy Group conducted a survey of 700 professionals of IT field in the USA to find out which threats are supposed to be the most serious

27.09.2013 Britain lags behind in the implementation of IPv6 protocol
Logicalis experts together with scientists from Southampton University expressed concern over the slow pace of implementation of IPv6 data transmission protocol in the UK

26.09.2013 Sudan dropped off the Internet
Several companies that monitor Global network reported that Wednesday morning all the web-traffic from Sudan stopped completely

26.09.2013 Facebook и YouTube – spam champions
Nexgate presented a study on the level of spam in social networks. Its researchers analyzed 60 million messages, published from 25 million accounts in different social networks

25.09.2013 The NYPD is campaigning for the update of iOS
Over the weekend a lot of New Yorkers witnessed a rather unusual action of the police

25.09.2013 New threat to online-banking
Zscaler reports that in the last month cases of computer infection with Trojan Caphaw also known as Shylock became way more frequent

24.09.2013 California State passed a law on minors’ personal information protection on the Internet
California Governor Jerry Brown yesterday signed a bill according to which from 2015 web pages, applications and online-services oriented on the minors will have to provide the user with the ability to delete information previously communicated to them

24.09.2013 Security of iPhone 5S haven't lasted even two days
It took the hackers less than two days to crack biometric security of a new iPhone 5S based on fingerprint scanning

23.09.2013 Every cyber attack costs small business almost 9 thousand dollars
U.S. National Small Business Association (NSBA) has published a report “Technologies in small business – 2013». According to its data, almost a half of small businesses have undergone cyber attacks in the recent time

20.09.2013 A new stage in the evolution of ransomware
Malwarebytes reports the detection of a new kind of a well-known Trojan-extortionist Reveton. Its distributors found a way to earn money even on computers blocked by malware

20.09.2013 Number of domains registered for phishing attacks has doubled
Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) has published data on the latest research. In the first half of the year 2013 APWG experts have identified 53685 domains involved in phishing attacks. Moreover 12173 of them were initially registered for malign purposes

19.09.2013 Traces of the new Trojan for Mac OS lead to Syrian hackers
A new Trojan distributed online is directed against Mac computers. Malicious software is disguised as a photo of a couple kissing

19.09.2013 One third of users do not think about safety when connecting to public Wi-Fi networks
More than a third of Russian users that regularly connect their devices to public Wi-Fi access points do not take any safety measures. This is the result of a special research conducted around the World for the “Kaspersky Lab” in the summer of 2013

18.09.2013 McAfee presented a rating of «the most dangerous celebrities» 2013
McAfee is not only famous for its anti-virus software. Now is the seventh time that specialists of McAfee make a rating of «the most dangerous celebrities»

17.09.2013 NASA web sites hacked by mistake
Brazilian hacker group attacked 14 web sites belonging to The National Aeronautics and Space Administration of USA (NASA). It is reported that hackers did not gain access to the information relating to any American Space programs

16.09.2013 Dropbox «peeps» into uploaded documents
Service Dropbox that offers users the ability of cloud storage as it turns out does not limit itself to be only data storage. Some of the uploaded to Dropbox documents are soon opened without the knowledge of their owner

13.09.2013 Hackers have stolen data of 2 million users of Vodafone Germany
German branch of the UK's largest mobile operator Vodafone reported a hacker attack as a result of which cyber criminals managed to gain access to personal data of 2 million users