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06.09.2013 Anonymous Internet Users number has grown for 6 times during the month
Tor project (anonymous routing network) is living through a fantastic splash of popularity. The network helps to secure all the passed and received through Internet from eavesdropping

05.09.2013 Anonymous attacks Azerbaijan
Hackers that declared themselves as Armenian branch of Anonymous group hacked networks of the largest Azerbaijani energy company «Azerenergy». The amount of information stolen by them during the attack was about 7 gigabytes

05.09.2013 USA passed sentence to two Rumanian hackers
New Hampshire state district court condemned to prison sentence two Rumanian citizens accused for multiple computer frauds in the USA

04.09.2013 Mobile Trojans are now distributed through third-party mobile botnets
Experts from «Kaspersky Lab» for the first time have recorded a new way of spreading mobile Trojans that is through mobile botnets created on the basis of other malware

04.09.2013 Botnet «Citadel» returns
Trend Micro announces the resumption of activity of infamous botnet “Citadel”. According to the researchers no less than 9 IP-addresses, registered mainly in Europe and the USA are now used as the command servers of “zombi-net”

03.09.2013 Indian researcher has discovered a critical vulnerability of Facebook
An Indian Arul Kumar in his blog described an error of Facebook that allows a hacker to delete any photos from the social network. This vulnerability has been defined as “critical”. It could be used in any browser but it is especially easy to achieve from mobile devices

02.09.2013 Taiwan will create world's first open database of malware
Taiwan National Center for High-Performance Computing (NCHC) is working on creation of worldwide database of malware. It will become the first open source of such information in the world: to gain access it is necessary to file the request by registering on the website of the project

30.08.2013 Three quarters of emloyees in England and the United States don’t care about their work computers safety
Ipsos Mori Company, one of the Britain marketing leaders, hold polls with results showing that cybersecurity issues in large companies leave much to be desired

29.08.2013 The New York Times was 50 dollars short when it came to protection from Syrian hackers
Details became known about the attack of hackers from «Syrian Electronic Army» on websites of The New York Times and Twitter. As previously reported cyber criminals for a short period of time managed to get control over the record of domain names of The New York Times and Twitter sites and make changes in their registration data in Whois

28.08.2013 Hackers «have appropriated» domains of The New York Times and Twitter
With the growth of tension around Syria and within the country the activity of hacker group «Syrian Electronic Army» that supports the current leader Bashar al-Assad is growing

28.08.2013 Schools have decided to monitor students in social networks
Administration of the Glendale Unified School District in Southern California, the U.S., has hired a contractor to monitor publications in social networks of all students in the district

27.08.2013 The summit in Saint-Petersburg has spawn a splash of phishing attacks
The meeting of the leaders of the «Big Twenty» which will take place in Saint Petersburg on 5-6th of September is used actively by organizers of phishing attacks

27.08.2013 Download manager turned out to be also a tool of DDoS-attacks
Experts of the company ESET informed about the danger of the program Orbit Downloader

26.08.2013 Sentencing hacker who rated out the Anonymous is delayed again
Hector Monsegur, one of the leaders of the hacker group LulzSec in the past, is left without a sentence again. Sentencing is adjourned now for the second time. New date for announcement of the verdict is approximately 25th of October

26.08.2013 Google keeps on fighting with cybersquatters
Google has filed yet another complaint to the National Arbitration Forum. This time the cause of the discontent was domain GoogleRegional.com registered in February of this year

23.08.2013 Robbery under the guise of DDoS-attacks
At least three American banks have become victims of sophisticated cyber attacks over the past months - said Avivah Litan, vice president of Gartner research company and one of the leading experts in the field of cyber security of financial institutions

21.08.2013 Users of Twitter in trouble again
Hacker known under the pseudonym “Mauritania attacker” stated that he was able to get access to absolutely any account of microblogging service Twitter. To confirm his words he put data from 15 thousand twitter-accounts on file-sharing service Zippyshare

21.08.2013 “Peaceful” use of Trojan Zeus was found
RSA Company reported finding a fraudulent scheme to increase popularity in the Instagram service. For a very reasonable sum of money anyone on a hacker black market can get thousands of subscribers or «likes» on their publications

20.08.2013 Spam in July: malware for Android now in email
By the end of July share of spam in email traffic is still over 70%: in comparison with the first summer month this parameter increased insignificantly– by only 0,1% – reaching a total of 71,2%

20.08.2013 Malicious software turned into a constructor
A group of researches from Georgia Institute of Technology at the Usenix conference on security presented a new way to overcome malicious software that AppStore is famous for. Scientists decided to create an application which malicious code is divided in several parts on the principle of constructor