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17.11.2017 Zeus in a new form
Trojan Terdot steals social networks' account data and successfully avoids recognition

17.11.2017 Fake news as a business
Fake news is becoming not only a way to influence politics, but also a means of making money

16.11.2017 Forever 21 reported a data breach
Credit card data of an unknown number of clients that have visit the shops in the last eight months is under threat

16.11.2017 “I recognize my darling by his walking”
Researchers want to use smartphone’s accelerometer to identify users

15.11.2017 “Smart” toys need smart protection
More security problems of “smart” toys have been discovered

15.11.2017 Almost an adult vulnerability
17-year-old vulnerability in Microsoft Office fixed

14.11.2017 Hackers saved Pentagon millions of dollars
Almost 3 thousand vulnerabilities in the systems of the US Defense Department were eliminated thanks to volunteers

14.11.2017 Internet is free by less than a quarter
Human rights organization Freedom House's report is out

13.11.2017 Phishing is scarier than breaches
Phishing attacks are a bigger threat to users than massive data breaches

13.11.2017 “Mask, I know you”
Vietnamese researchers managed to deceive the system of face recognition Face ID in the new iPhone X

10.11.2017 The “second birth” of the Windows Movie Maker
Fake software has become one of the leaders of search queries

10.11.2017 Hackers demand ransom from a whole city
Computer systems of the city administration are encrypted by ransomware

09.11.2017 Apple is ready to help the FBI
Apple offers to help in the investigation of mass murder in Texas

09.11.2017 School websites redirected visitors to terrorists' pages
Hacker group Team System Dz claimed responsibility for the attack

08.11.2017 Mirai is alive
Dozens of thousands of Internet of Things devices are still infected by the dangerous malware

08.11.2017 Experts are expecting Celebgate 3.0
New portion of pictures featuring naked celebrities has been posted online

07.11.2017 Vulnerability of the Tor browser has been fixed
MacOS and Linux users that care about their anonymity should immediately update their browsers

07.11.2017 Compromised certificates are becoming a commodity
Cyber criminals use certificates to distribute malware disguised as legitimate software

07.11.2017 Employees are too shy to report ransomware infection of company devices
Over a half of all ransomware victims, who suffered at work, prefer to pay the ransom themselves

03.11.2017 Google will lock the accounts with a key
Tech giant offered users a new layer of protection