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30.10.2017 McAfee loses transparency
The company declined to offer foreign governments the source code of its products for checking

30.10.2017 UK government agreed with Microsoft
UK Security Minister is certain that North Korean authorities were behind WannaCry's attacks

27.10.2017 Traces of possible interventions in the US Presidential elections were erased
All information that stored election results of the state of Georgia was deleted from the server

27.10.2017 Hacker group Anonymous fights for Catalonian independence
Hackers attacked and compromised webpages of Spanish government institutions

26.10.2017 Google offers the worst protection for Android
Experts from an independent AV-Test lab made their verdict

26.10.2017 Breach of Appleby could be a new Panamagate
Documents of a large offshore law firm were stolen

25.10.2017 Confidentiality of celebrity patients is under threat
Hackers compromised data of a famous London plastic surgery clinic

25.10.2017 “Rabbit” attack
Ransomware BadRabbit attacked hundreds of targets in Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and some other countries

24.10.2017 Cryptocurrency miner discovered in the Chrome extension
The extension that allowed its developers to make money off users was downloaded at least 15 thousand times

24.10.2017 Kaspersky Lab will conduct an independent audit of its products
Russian company is determined to protect its good reputation

23.10.2017 US government reports attacks on critical infrastructure
For more than half a year now, the Dragonfly group has been searching for a way to breach government agencies’ and large companies’ systems

23.10.2017 New IoT botnet: Similar to Mirai but even worse
A new botnet attacking Internet of Things devices is disclosed

20.10.2017 The USA report new vulnerabilities 3 weeks after China
Bureaucratic procedures hamper reporting on new vulnerabilities

20.10.2017 Advertisement serves espionage purposes
Scientists monitor users after spending $1,000 on ad banners

19.10.2017 Dangerous malware has been downloaded from Google Play Store millions of times
Malicious software Sockbot posed as an app that allowed users to modify their Minecraft characters

19.10.2017 Big problems of little users
Serious vulnerabilities of kids’ smartwatches have been discovered

18.10.2017 Blocker tried too hard
Plugin uBlock Origin blocks not only ads but also cyber attack warnings

18.10.2017 Liars get hacked more often
The threats that active users of dating websites face

17.10.2017 KRACK threatens everyone
Very dangerous vulnerabilities of WPA2 protocol have been discovered; they affect almost all devices that connect to Wi-Fi networks

17.10.2017 Pizza hack
Credit card data of Pizza Hut clients has been compromised