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17.10.2017 KRACK threatens everyone
Very dangerous vulnerabilities of WPA2 protocol have been discovered; they affect almost all devices that connect to Wi-Fi networks

17.10.2017 Pizza hack
Credit card data of Pizza Hut clients has been compromised

16.10.2017 The President of Microsoft accused North Korea of the WannaCry attack
According to Brad Smith, Pyongyang is behind mass cyber attacks that took place in May

16.10.2017 Hackers started a “rail war” in Sweden
DDoS attacks caused serious difficulties in the function of rail transport all over the country

13.10.2017 Secret mining is becoming popular
Mining cryptocurrency at the expense of visitors of websites is becoming increasingly popular

13.10.2017 Credit card data of Hyatt Hotels’ guests has been compromised
The attack affected 41 luxury hotels all over the world

12.10.2017 North Korean hackers aim at the US energy companies
FireEye records an increase in activity of state-sponsored hackers from North Korea

12.10.2017 Encryption with a hole
Email client Microsoft Outlook sent encrypted emails with an unencrypted copy of it attached

11.10.2017 DDoS attacks are on decline
Verisign records a decrease in power and number of DDoS attacks

11.10.2017 Middle East and North Africa: the peculiarities of national hacking
Researchers studied Internet black markets of Arabic countries

10.10.2017 4 out of 5 leading defense companies in the US do not protect their websites with encryption
“You are better protected from man in the middle attacks when visiting Pornhub than Raytheon or Lockheed”

10.10.2017 Data of NFL players was found accessible online
Data on 1133 American football players was accessible to anyone

09.10.2017 Hackers reached the chief of staff of the White House
Personal phone of John Kelly seems to have been hacked

09.10.2017 Data of 17.5 million Disqus users was compromised
The hack affected users that left comments on popular sites and blogs in 2007-2012

06.10.2017 Firefox to stop supporting XP and Vista next year
Users of obsolete Windows OS will soon be left without browsers

06.10.2017 United States again accuses Kaspersky Lab of espionage
The Russian anti-virus company’s software was allegedly used to steal NSA secrets

05.10.2017 Equifax breach puts an end to US social security numbers
The US authorities are going to replace social security numbers with a more modern and protected identification system

05.10.2017 Two Russians accused of cybercrimes to be extradited to US
Spain and Greece are set to extradite the men behind the Kelihos botnet and the BTC-e exchange to the United States

04.10.2017 Hackers of Yahoo stole data of all users with no exceptions
2013 breach affected 3 million accounts

04.10.2017 Dnsmasq vulnerabilities – a threat to over a million devices
Users should immediately update their software