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Virtual registrar

Virtual registrar

A company willing to become a registrar of domain names can choose: either to develop software for registration and maintainance of client domains itself or use ready-to-use and robust product.

Virtual registrar was developed by TCI programmers in response to numerous requests from companies willing to start registrar business.

Virtual Registrar integrated hardware and software system is a solution for accredited registrars to gain access to the system of registration of domain names. Virtual registrar is designed to provide all operations with domain names that are required by registration terms and conditions and technical requirements.

The purpose of the Virtual Registrar service is to increase the number of accredited registrars in the Russian segment of the Internet by reducing their costs on development and maintenance up-to-date their own software.

Virtual registrar includes interface to connect to the registry, web-interfaces, whois-server and DNS hosting. The product could be used by itself or be integrated into already existing systems of domain names registrations. It is written in Perl using the DBMS PostgreSQL.

Advantages of using Virtual Registrar:

  • Ready-to-use and robust product for accredited registrars
  • Registry of domain names is easy to use
  • No additional costs on developing and maintaining your own software
  • User friendly interface to perform all required operations with domains, including the extension and transfer to other registrars

Demo access to the Virtual Registrar platform

With demo access, you are able to gain insight into the fully functional domain name registration system in test mode, enabled via Virtual Registrar.

Please use the following account for trial access:

Password: demo

Virtual Registrar Agreement

License Agreement for using the Virtual Registrar integrated hardware and software system.

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