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DNS support

DNS support

Technical center of Internet provides reliable support of DNS service for the domain names, where internet-resources with specific requirements for the level of fault tolerance of the service and speed of operation are located. These are large internet-projects, state structures, mobile operators, corporate clients, etc.

TCI's DNS service - is a geographically based structure. Technologically equal units are based in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. They are connected by redundant communication channels, secured by two different fiber-optic systems, and have completely independent access to the Internet and connections to Moscow’s and Saint Petersburg’s IX.

DNS-units are located in all the Russian federal dictricts and also in the countries of Europe, Asia, North and South America. The network has multiple redundancy in hardware and network levels.

The optimal network connectivity of DNS network with networks of Russian and foreign operators, and 24-hour technical support provide fault-tolerant DNS service for domain zones with a minimum response time and service availability of 99.999% from anywhere on the Internet.

Domain names of the customers are based on servers of the distributed network of DNS-units of TCI. This provides the fastest response time from anywhere on the Internet, reliability and stability of the DNS-client area to network failures and attacks due to multiple redundant DNS-nodes and comminucation channels.

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