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Backend services for TLDs

Backend services for TLDs

Nowadays Technical Center of Internet has been actively involved in the porgram ICANN to launch new root domains – New gTLD. Developed infrostructure, high level of coherence, highly qualified specialists, 24-hour technical support and a lot more will provide a successful development of new gTLD.

TCI provided consulting support in the preparation and submission of applications for new root domains, to provide maintenance of operation of new registries there was created a service of support of the system of registration and data escrow. TCI specialists performed completion of WHOIS-service for gTLD registries in accordance to the requirements imposed to them.

A lot of attention in TCI is paid to the safety of domain spaces. In particular, set of works on the development of the system of implementation and future maintenance of DNSSEC has been finished, to date the DNSSEC key is used to sign all Russian top-level domains.

Advantages of TCI:

  • Infrastructure to provide support for many domain zones
  • A distributed network of DNS-nodes
  • Technical capacity to implement major projects
  • Unique partnership with leaders of the industry
  • Established system of development and operation
  • Safety and reliability
  • Highly qualified personnel

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