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Certification Center

Certification Center

The Certification Center is a main component of automated information systems that use digital signatures.

The Certification Center is an entity engaged in:

  • Issuing signature key certificates;
  • Issuing digital signature keys with a guarantee that private keys remain confidential, upon the request of information system members;
  • Suspending, resuming and annulling key certificates;
  • Maintaining a register of key certificates, updating it and providing information system participants with free access to it;
  • Ensuring that public certificate keys are unique by checking the register and the archive of the certification authority;
  • Issuing key certificates both in paper and/or electronic form and providing information on their performance;
  • Validating digital signatures in electronic documents regarding the issued key certificates, upon the request of key certificate users;
  • Providing information system members with other services related to the use of digital signatures.
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