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Technical Center of Internet is interested in the development of internet-market and all the domain space. Unique infrastructure of TCI allows to implement tasks of different sizes: from creation of solutions for small-scale registrars of domain names to support of new domain zones.

Experts of Technical center of Internet are ready to provide consulting services to the companies that have decided to start domain business. TCI specialists will assist in preparing a set of documents for the accreditation as registrar of domain names in the Coordination Center for TLD RU. New registrar will be offered options of technical solutions to ensure its activities: from individually developed scheme of services' implementation of domain names' registration to ready-to-use product Virtual Registrar.

Technical Center of Internet provides consulting services during the preparation and submission of applications to participate in the ICANN New gTLD programme. Experts of TCI have consulted several participants of the programme and assisted them in processing of applications. This unique experience can help future applicants to the new gTLDs reach success in this process, which is rather complex from both technical and bureaucratic point of view.


  • Assistance in preparation of the documents for the accreditation of the registrar
  • Consultations during the preparation and submission of applications in ICANN for the top level domains
  • Assistance in preparation of documents for the accreditation of the registrar in the non-Russian top level domains
  • Development of the technical solutions for the operation of the registrar
  • Consultations to ensure safety of the registered domain names

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