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Alexei Platonov: The internet needs the same laws as everyday life

On March 28-29, Moscow hosts the 15th conference of the Documentary Electronic Communication Association (ADE) “Ensuring trust and security in the use of ICT.” The Technical Center of Internet (TCI) has partnered a meeting of the conference and TCI Director General Alexei Platonov took part in the roundtable discussion “Development of the National System for Managing the Russian Online Segment.”

Experts discussed such issues as the digital boundaries of countries, state regulations, online security, critical infrastructure and balanced technological development of the national online segment. Alexei Platonov noted that setting digital boundaries requires objective criteria which vary depending on the networking layer – physical, application or network. “The internet is a global network in which a national segment’s boundaries can be identified only as part of a specific task,” Alexei Platonov said.

The TCI Director General spoke in detail about the process of online interaction between technology companies. He stressed that the way to ensure online security is not through technological interaction but through cooperation between international law enforcement agencies. He believes the same rule applies to all the other aspects of online activity. “We should not regulate technology; instead we must apply the same laws online as in everyday life,” he said.

Alexei Platonov also highlighted the importance of Russian representation in international organizations in charge of the internet governance and of continuous close dialogue between the government, internet users and IT market players.

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Alexei Platonov: The internet needs the same laws as everyday life