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24.01.2018 Technical Center of Internet’s functions will be transferred to a Rostelecom's subsidiary
The decision was made by the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ General meeting of founders

19.12.2017 Technical Center of Internet joins alternative giving initiative
The center transferred funds intended for New Year gifts to the Konstantin Khabensky Charity Foundation

13.12.2017 Power of cyberattacks to increase in 2018
TCI Technical Director Elena Voronina spoke at the conference Runet 2017: Results of the Year.

07.12.2017 Experts discuss development of internet technology
2017 Peering Forum took place in Moscow

21.11.2017 Netoscope marks fifth anniversary
The project already has equivalents in other countries

09.11.2017 ‘SSL certificate withdrawal model is not flexible enough’
TCI expert spoke at the CENTR Security Worksho

30.10.2017 Email standards discussed at ICANN meeting
ICANN 60 opened in Abu Dhabi

24.10.2017 .RU and .РФ domains tested for vulnerability to ROCA attack
No ROCA-sensitive keys detected in Russian national domains

25.09.2017 Russian specialty is not just in cryptography
A TCI expert spoke at the 14th OSSDEVCONF.

15.09.2017 TCI presents its research at APTLD 72 in Tbilisi
A TCI expert spoke about the use of EV certificates and the RDAP protocol

07.09.2017 Working to implement new protocols and standards is an important task for TCI
TCI experts made reports at TLDCON 2017

06.09.2017 Alexei Platonov: Domestic solutions are quite competitive on the global market
The 10th anniversary TLDCON 2017 conference opened in Kazakhstan

24.07.2017 TCI’s leading developer spoke at IETF 99
Dmitry Belyavsky proposed to introduce changes in the process of certificates' verification

26.05.2017 Only 25% of emails are written in English
Expert at TCI talked on HostObzor forum about the implementation of the EAI standard

23.05.2017 European and Russian tech experts meet up in St. Petersburg
ENOG 13 conference started off

12.05.2017 Domain .РФ celebrates its 7th anniversary
There are 902,593 domain names registered in .РФ

12.05.2017 Domain price is a matter of domain security
A roundtable discussion on the development of the .RU and .РФ TLD market has taken place at the Russian Ministry of Communications and Mass Media.

21.04.2017 The future of the internet lies in full support of IDN for all services
The Technical Center of Internet took part in the RIF+KIB 2017 forum

07.04.2017 .RU domain marks 23 years
In the past year, .RU has grown 7.6%

28.03.2017 Alexei Platonov: The internet needs the same laws as everyday life
The TCI partners the conference “Ensuring trust and security in the use of ICT”