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Domain .РФ celebrates its 7th anniversary

The Russian national Cyrillic domain, .РФ, was delegated seven years ago, on May 12, 2010. As of today, .РФ is the most popular IDN domain and the largest Cyrillic domain zone in the world.

There are 902,593 domain names registered in .РФ. Over the past year, the domain has grown by 2.5 percent. Registration is provided by 45 accredited registrars.

Eighty-eight percent of domain names in .РФ are delegated; during the past year the number grew by two percent. Websites take up 32 percent of domain names, while 13 percent of the second-level domains are used for redirection.

“The .РФ domain shows a stable growth, but most important is the growing number of delegated domains and domain names occupied by websites.  From a global level point of view .РФ is a leader and has been an example for other IDN domains for the entire time of its existence. The Technical Center of Internet is proud that, together with the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ, it stood at the roots of the .РФ domain and continues to support it, ensuring stable and reliable operations. Thank you all, and happy birthday, .РФ!” said Technical Center of Internet general director Alexei Platonov.

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Domain .РФ celebrates its 7th anniversary