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Only 25% of emails are written in English

On May 26th, XXVI National Forum for hosting providers and registrars organized by HostObzor project and the Coordination Center for TLD RU/РФ was opened near Saint Petersburg. Technical Center for Internet as always is the general partner of this event. Over 100 representatives of accredited registrars of domain names, hosters, telecom operators and Internet companies participate in the forum.

Technical Center of Internet’s chief specialist Igor Lidin made a speech at the forum; he talked about the implementation of IDN email in Russia and the world and what Technical Center of Internet does in relation to this topic.

Igor pointed out that only 25% of all emails in the world today are written in English, growing number of users prefer to communicate in their own language. This is why implementation of the EAI standard, although it faces very significant difficulties, is very topical. Only Gmail and Почта.рус among all popular email servers in Russia today support this standard. “Yandex also claimed that the work is being done and I’m sure after it announces its support of EAI other large Russian email resources will follow”, added Igor Lidin.

Igor Lidin also talked about the history of IDN email development and complained on the slow pace of EAI standard’s implementation: “Work on the EAI standard began back in 2007, in 2013 final RFC were released. In terms of implementation very few steps were made for almost four years. Some countries, for example, China provide serious support to development in this direction”. However, according to Igor Lidin, the situation in Russia has been slowly changing – in the last 6 months the level of technology support necessary for correct operation of EAI email in .РФ domain has tripled, in .RU domain – doubled.

We remind that industry forums of hosting providers have been organized by the hostobzor.ru project since 2002. The main goal of the forum is to establish business contacts and exchange experience on the level of top management and leading experts of Russian companies that offer hosting and domain registration services.

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Only 25% of emails are written in English