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European and Russian tech experts meet up in St. Petersburg

Regional Meeting ENOG 13 (Eurasia Network Operators’ Group) started off in Saint Petersburg and will last for two days. RIPE NCC and MSK-IX have organized the event with support of the Technical Center for Internet, which is the silver sponsor of the conference, as well as of the Internet Society, NetNod, DDos-Guard, and GlobalNet. Over 400 people take part in the conference.

Axel Pawlik, Managing Director at RIPE NCC, and Elena Voronina, Technical Director at Technical Center for Internet, opened the forum. Elena Voronina pointed out that every year the conference unites more and more true professionals and is one of the most prestigious platforms for communication in the technical community. She invited participants to cooperate, exchange experience and knowledge, for example, by writing articles for the Internet Inside journal, new edition of which was presented at ENOG13.

Topics of cyber security, transit, network development, peering and others will be discussed at the conference. A lot of attention will be paid to the discussion of the latest trends in the development of DNS infrastructure. Traditional ceremony of signing PGP keys is also part of ENOG13 agenda. 20 volunteers including TCI experts are in the program committee for ENOG13. They were the ones who prepared the agenda, which takes into consideration society's interests and responds to the most modern topics.

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European and Russian tech experts meet up in St. Petersburg