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TCI’s leading developer spoke at IETF 99

99th meeting of the Internet Engineering Task Force members took place in Prague on July 16-21. Almost 2000 participants – developers, scientists, representatives of network operators and providers from different companies and regions - attended the meeting. Expert at the Technical Center of Internet, leading developer Dmitry Belyavsky was among them.

At the IETF Meeting Dmitry Belyavsky presented a draft of Certificate Limitation Policy. He talked about proposed changes in the process of certificate verification. This work started after the announcement by Google that limitations would be introduces for certificates issued by Symantec. (Technical Center of Internet described the situation in detail on March 27th, 2017). This decision was made after a series of major violations were discovered in Symantec’s practice of certification. Wrongfully given certificates can mislead millions of users and give wide possibilities for cyber criminals.

“In fact we propose to use cryptographically verifiable file format instead of writing additional restrictions in the code of the apps, first of all, browsers. Then these additional checks could be conducted in libraries, not apps, that do verification, which will make the checking process more reliable”, explained Dmitry Belyavsky.

His proposal stirred interest among IETF 99 Meeting participants and his work in this field will be continued.

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TCI’s leading developer spoke at IETF 99