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Alexei Platonov: Domestic solutions are quite competitive on the global market

On September 6, the 10th International Conference for ccTLD Registries and Registrars of CIS, Central and Eastern Europe (TLDCON 2017) opened in Almaty.  It has drawn almost 140 people from 17 countries.

One of the main topics discussed at TLDCON 2017 was technical support for the uninterrupted operation of national domain zones and the choice of solutions for this. A significant factor at play here is security issues, including the Netoscope project, jointly implemented by the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ and the Technical Center of Internet. This project allows not only for verifying the use of domain names for illegal activities, such as phishing, but also anticipating the possible criminal use of newly registered domains.

General Director of the Technical Center of Internet Alexei Platonov noted that the main task of the center is the stable operation of the .RU and .РФ domains, as well as other Russian domains, including .SU, .ДЕТИ, and .TATAR, and that the Netoscope project plays a big role in this work. According to Platonov, before the Coordination Center and the TCI launched this project, there were very many security claims against the .RU zone. Experts considered the .RU zone close to the "dirtiest," many domain names in .RU were suspected of spreading malware, and this was true to some extent. The idea behind Netoscope was to create an information system to exchange information about such domains, identify them and fight them using different mechanisms. Today, he said, Netoscope unites various organizations that find it profitable and convenient to use this system.

Platonov spoke about other projects of the Technical Center of Internet, such as the Russian Domains website, which is also implemented jointly with the Coordination Center and for which the TCI carries out many technical tasks.

He once again stressed that the center’s most important task is to ensure the continued and stable operation of national domains; therefore the TCI carefully chooses solutions for supporting .RU and .РФ domains, focusing on selecting the best products. "We pay a lot of attention to import substitution, but, nevertheless, the main thing is that the products fit the tasks that they must solve. At the same time, many domestic solutions are quite competitive on the global market. The TCI makes its contribution to this trend: we conduct our own research and studies, and next year, the TCI plans to present the Registry of Domain Names on an alternative software and hardware platform with the maximum use of import-substituting products," the TCI general director said.

In conclusion, he addressed the issue of critical infrastructure. He noted that the government and the domain industry have different definitions of critical infrastructure and called on all national registries to discuss this issue more actively and develop a common position. "The question of critical infrastructure is not only Russian; it is discussed no less intensively in Europe. Therefore, the consolidated opinion of national registries will help all of us to more accurately determine what applies to critical infrastructure, and to negotiate with the government already taking into account international experience," Platonov said.

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Alexei Platonov: Domestic solutions are quite competitive on the global market