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Working to implement new protocols and standards is an important task for TCI

The TLDCON 2017 agenda opened with a Domain Abuse session, where Dmitry Belyavsky, Leading Specialist from the Technical Center of Internet, took part. He talked about TLS implementation, which secures website communications using HTTPS protocol: “Previous recommendations that the SSL certificate mean a reliable site do not work anymore. Hackers are learning new ways as fast as users are. Organizations that wish to keep their reputation should get EV certificates. Also, registries can earn some money while teaching users and promoting EV certificates.”

During the Technical Solutions for Domain Registries session, Main Specialist at the Technical Center of Internet Igor Lidin spoke on how TCI works on implementing IDN mail in Russia and all over the world: “Of course, implementation of the EAI standard meets many obstacles: technical, commercial, and those related to security. Also the massive use of IDN names in mail addresses means that it is necessary to change not only the software of the server but of all the systems that use or save e-mails. Today only Google supports e-mail addresses in the Russian language in Runet, but the number of mail servers supporting the EAI standard in Russia has increased from 0.4 percent to 1.25 this year, which proves that its popularity is growing.”

Igor Lidin spoke in detail on the history of implementing and changing e-mail standards, including the current implementation of the EAI standard. “Most people on this planet do not speak English, 75 percent to be exact. Just this fact alone means it is necessary to implement mail domains using non-Latin alphabets. Despite many difficulties, EAI implementation is very important today,” he said, urging everyone to begin using EAI on their e-mail servers.

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Working to implement new protocols and standards is an important task for TCI