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TCI presents its research at APTLD 72 in Tbilisi

The 72nd Asia Pacific Top Level Domain Association’s meeting is taking place on September 14-15 in Tbilisi, with over 130 participants from various countries, including a delegation of the Technical Center of Internet (TCI), in attendance.

Dmitry Belyavsky, Leading Specialist from the Technical Center of Internet, was invited to take part in two different sessions of the meeting. During a cybersecurity session, he talked about the influence of free certificates on users’ security. The research carried out by the TCI shows that free certificates removed obstacles for criminals using TLS. “There is no technical way to stop phishing, so registries should teach users,” he noted. He believes that one of the ways to solve this problem is for registries to actively promote commercial EV certificates: besides strengthening security, registries can earn money selling them.

The second report, presented during a different session, covered the technical specifications of the RDAP protocol and new opportunities it offers. Belyavsky noted several important RDAP protocol features such as data access control, which improves privacy, as well as the use of standard data format, service scaling, a domain list search and other useful services.

The Asia Pacific Top Level Domain Association (APLTD) unites over 50 national registries in the region, including the largest top level domain registries from Russia, China, India and other countries. The APLTD was founded in 1998. It is one of four regional associations of national top level domain registries.

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TCI presents its research at APTLD 72 in Tbilisi