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Russian specialty is not just in cryptography

The 14th Open Source Software Developers Conference (OSSDEVCONF) was held on September 22-24 in Kaluga, and united leading developers of the open source software from Russia and other countries. The conference is aimed to provide a platform to establish personal contacts between experts, to discuss the prospects of the open source software and to initiate new projects.

TCI’s leading specialist, Dmitry Belyavsky, presented his report “Standards in Open SSL: 12 years of international cooperation” at the conference. He spoke about the contribution of Russian developers to the Open SSL project. The project is best known for its work with cryptomethods, but Belyavsky paid special attention to the need to develop and support the Cyrillic segment.

It is obvious that documented standards are needed to cooperate successfully with OpenSource projects of such scale. “This is the best argument in support of different activities. Personal contacts with developers also help to develop this support, and this is why Russian experts should take an active part in international conferences, such as the IETF, for example. I am glad that the OpenSSL project now has exact procedures for interaction with the community, which makes our cooperation much easier,” Dmitry Belyavsky said.

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Russian specialty is not just in cryptography