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Email standards discussed at ICANN meeting

ICANN 60 has opened in Abu Dhabi (UAE), with more than 500 participants from various countries, including a delegation of the Technical Center of Internet.

Prominent on the ICANN 60 agenda is the further implementation of IDN in the global domain space, including internationalized email addresses. This is no coincidence, as back in 2010, the United Arab Emirates, together with Russia, became one of the first countries to get domains written with the letters of national alphabets (IDN).

Dmitry Belyavskiy, TCI Senior developer, spoke at the session dedicated to technology. He described in detail the situation with Cyrillic email implementation, as well as the standards developed by specialists and the TCI’s contribution to this process. “A number of standards must be improved for the full-fledged implementation of international email addresses. The Technical Center of Internet takes an active part in developing these standards as well as transforming them into the program code, working closely with international developers. The EAI-support standard in X.509 certificates will allow using such addresses in secure emails sent with S/MIME and CMS standards,” Dmitry Belyavskiy said.

ICANN 60 will run until November 3.

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Email standards discussed at ICANN meeting