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01.12.2017 Windows Defender Essentials – unknown beast
To solve nonexistent problems user is offered to buy nonexistent software

01.12.2017 Invisible miner
Computers might still be generating cryptocurrency even after the browser's window has been closed

30.11.2017 Scientists deceived the face recognition technology
Researchers claim that they created a ‘head generator’ for social networks

30.11.2017 Fixed one bug and created a new one
Apple eliminated the vulnerability in macOS High Sierra, but at the same time broke the file-sharing function

29.11.2017 Vulnerability discovered in macOS High Sierra
Having physical access to a Mac computer it was possible to log in without a password

29.11.2017 US military secrets were not protected with a password
Secret project between NSA and the Army was stored on Amazon cloud with no protection whatsoever

28.11.2017 FBI didn’t notify US officials about cyber attacks
Only two out of 80 interviewed politicians, government employees and the military were notified in good time that they suffered hacker attacks

28.11.2017 Vulnerability for $10 thousand
Facebook eliminated a vulnerability that allowed deleting absolutely any photo posted on the social network

27.11.2017 1.7 million Imgur accounts were compromised
Supposedly, the data was stolen 3 years ago

27.11.2017 Linus Torvalds unleashed
Creator of Linux urged cybersecurity experts to remember medical ethics principle ‘do no harm’

24.11.2017 Firefox will notify users about the breaches
Mozilla developers together with the creator of the Have I Been Pwned? project Troy Hunt are working on a new instrument

24.11.2017 Hackers broke into the systems of a supplier to the royal family
British shoes manufacturer Loake Shoes admitted that it fell victim to a hacker attack and showed for badly it understands cybersecurity issues

23.11.2017 Android got caught snooping around
Smartphones running Android constantly collect user location data

23.11.2017 Facebook will reveal the publications of the “troll farm”
The leading social network is making an instrument to view pages and ads created by the Internet Research Agency

22.11.2017 New old breach
Uber admitted last year’s breach of data on millions of passengers and drivers

22.11.2017 Iranian hacker charged with attacking the “Game of Thrones”
Iranian citizen Behzad Mesri has been added to the FBI’s most wanted list

21.11.2017 The court ordered Apple to provide access to data stored on the “Texas shooter’s” iPhone
Apple is potentially facing a new stage of confrontation with the US law enforcement system

21.11.2017 Can a hacker attack sink a ship?
Researchers warn about the vulnerability of the messaging system used for giant container carriers loading

20.11.2017 GitHub will notify developers about vulnerabilities
The new feature will notify about vulnerabilities of libraries associated with each of the projects published on GitHub

20.11.2017 American military forgot to lock down its databases
Data collected by Pentagon discovered on Amazon cloud storage