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Fixed one bug and created a new one

Apple released an emergency update of macOS High Sierra yesterday that eliminated the vulnerability, which allowed getting access to the device and have administrator’s rights without a password. In order to do that, as it was reported previously, an intruder had to change the username to “root” and leave the password blank. Apple engineers tried working as quickly as possible, but it seems that the haste played an evil joke on them.

Right after the update was released Apple was notified that the installation of the update disrupts the file sharing between Mac computer and other devices. However, this problem only affects High Sierra 10.13.1 users. Moreover, it is obviously not as dangerous as the vulnerability eliminated by the update. It’s assumed that the problems with file sharing will be fixed in the upcoming scheduled update. Meanwhile users, who faced the problem, can fix it themselves. They should launch the Terminal App, enter “sudo /usr/libexec/configureLocalKDC” at the command line and press Enter. After that a user will be asked to enter administrator’s password, press Enter again and exit the program.

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Fixed one bug and created a new one