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26.05.2017 “Cloak and dagger” for Android
A dangerous vulnerability that threatens all versions of Android OS has been discovered

26.05.2017 Creator of WannaCry speaks Chinese
Linguistic analysis of the ransom note shed light on the origin of the dangerous malware

25.05.2017 Hackers will challenge American democracy
A hackaton against the electronic voting machines will take place at DEF CON conference

25.05.2017 Target is paying for the breach
Retail chain agreed to pay US$18.5 million more as a fine for the breach of customer's data

24.05.2017 Hackers cheated an iris scanner
PIN codes are still more reliable as device protection than biometrics

24.05.2017 Hacking with subtitles
Vulnerability in how the subtitles are loaded by the most popular media players has been discovered

23.05.2017 EternalRocks malware – 7 exploits from the NSA’s “collection”
Experts fear the “Judgment Day”

23.05.2017 CISOs' salaries have reached €1 million
European business invests in top experts

22.05.2017 Cyber attacks destroy 6 out of 10 small businesses
Small shops and restaurants are the main victims of WannaCry

22.05.2017 Google strengthens security of Android devices
Service Google Play Protect will be launched very soon

19.05.2017 Hackers listened to warnings about the unsecure connections
Share of phishing websites using HTTPS has increased dramatically

19.05.2017 Cyber security issues have been found at the “Winter White House”
Researchers have discovered unprotected Wi-Fi networks on the territory of the Donald Trump residence in Florida

18.05.2017 “Heirs” of the WannaCry were not long in coming
Researchers discover new malware that uses the EternalBlue vulnerability

18.05.2017 Hackers streamed porn on a digital monitor at a train station in Washington
Someone decided to “entertain” passengers in a rush hour

17.05.2017 Jack Sparrow hijacked by hackers
Cybercriminals may be behind the theft of the fifth installment of Pirates of the Caribbean

17.05.2017 Shadow Brokers to release vulnerability-exploiting tools
Hackers promise to leak one vulnerability-exploiting tool from the NSA’s hacking arsenal each month

16.05.2017 WannaCry malware may have originated in North Korea
Researchers have discovered a North Korean trail in the most massive cyberattack in history

16.05.2017 United Airlines amid fresh scandal
Codes to United cockpits leaked online

15.05.2017 Jaff ransomware debuts in large-scale cyber attack
New file-encrypting malware Jaff debuts in an unprecedented attack

15.05.2017 WannaCry: waiting for the second wave
A new attack of the WannaCry decryptor virus is expected today