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29.12.2017 A breach of Ancestry.com has been discovered
Account data of approximately 300 thousand users discovered in open access online

29.12.2017 Chinese cyber spies change tactics
Targeted attacks are replacing “smash-and-grab” ones

28.12.2017 Cyber criminals stole $600,000 from Dublin Zoo
Hackers redirected payments dedicated to the Zoo on their accounts

28.12.2017 Hackers choose the music
Vulnerabilities of the smart speakers Sonos and Bose have been discovered

27.12.2017 Password “123456” remains the “king of the mountain”
In the world of bad passwords not much has changed in a year

27.12.2017 Security by Snowden
NSA whistleblower keeps helping journalists

26.12.2017 Hackers pretend to be printers
Malicious files are sent under the guise of scanned documents

26.12.2017 Cyber attack as a way of employment
An American man got sentenced to three years in prison for trying to get a job by threatening the company with a cyber attack

25.12.2017 Opera browser has introduced protection against secret mining
Norwegian company blocks crypto currency mining in its browser

25.12.2017 Facebook will protect users’ faces
The new function will warn all users about a photo of them being uploaded

22.12.2017 Two hackers arrested in Romania are expected in Washington
Romanian cyber criminals managed to infect two thirds of all the computers that regulate police CCTV cameras in the capital of the USA

22.12.2017 Hackers stole Nissan clients’ data
Information on 1.13 million Nissan Canada buyers ended up in cyber criminals’ hands

21.12.2017 The largest attack on WordPress webpages in history has been recorded
The attack peaked at 14 million requests per hour

21.12.2017 Five cybercriminals arrested in Romania
Detainees are accused of cyberattacks using malware CTB-Locker and Cerber

20.12.2017 Data on all American households was discovered openly accessible online
Information on 123 million families was stored unsecured on one of the Amazon cloud servers

20.12.2017 The USA and the UK publicly blamed North Korea for the WannaCry attack
Now it's official

19.12.2017 New Android trojan causes physical damage to devices
Cryptocurrency mining leads to overheating and deformation of the battery

19.12.2017 Vulnerabilities in first responder apps discovered in the USA
32 out of 33 apps checked by the Department of Homeland Security didn't pass the test

18.12.2017 Two new malware families that attack ATMs have been discovered
Trend Micro researchers reported new dangerous findings

18.12.2017 British companies stockpile Bitcoin “for a rainy day”
English business is getting ready to ransomware attacks