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08.12.2017 Children’s toy was taught how to swear
Researchers have discovered another “smart” toy defenseless if attacked

08.12.2017 Electronic ghosts threaten with cyber war
Large-scale attack of the Cyber Caliphate is scheduled for today

07.12.2017 Leading cryptocurrency service NiceHash got hacked
Hackers managed to steal $66 million worth of Bitcoin

07.12.2017 Americans do not trust anyone with their personal data
Snowden is better than the NSA

06.12.2017 Data of 31 million Ai.Type users discovered in open access online
Creators of a popular virtual keyboard not only didn’t protect the server with a password, but also broke many of their own promises

06.12.2017 Hacker broke into prison computer system trying to save a friend
Cybercriminals tried to falsify data so that his friend could gain early release

05.12.2017 Hacker service Leakbase ceased its activities
The resource that sold stolen passwords redirects visitors to a webpage with legitimate information about mass leaks

05.12.2017 The downhill of Andromeda
One of the largest botnets was eliminated as a result of an international police operation

04.12.2017 Britain followed the USA and banned the Russian anti-virus as well
British government agencies are ordered to not use Kaspersky Lab protective solutions

04.12.2017 Servers of a company belonging to PayPal were hacked
PayPal service purchased a problematic company for $233 million

01.12.2017 Windows Defender Essentials – unknown beast
To solve nonexistent problems user is offered to buy nonexistent software

01.12.2017 Invisible miner
Computers might still be generating cryptocurrency even after the browser's window has been closed

30.11.2017 Scientists deceived the face recognition technology
Researchers claim that they created a ‘head generator’ for social networks

30.11.2017 Fixed one bug and created a new one
Apple eliminated the vulnerability in macOS High Sierra, but at the same time broke the file-sharing function

29.11.2017 Vulnerability discovered in macOS High Sierra
Having physical access to a Mac computer it was possible to log in without a password

29.11.2017 US military secrets were not protected with a password
Secret project between NSA and the Army was stored on Amazon cloud with no protection whatsoever

28.11.2017 FBI didn’t notify US officials about cyber attacks
Only two out of 80 interviewed politicians, government employees and the military were notified in good time that they suffered hacker attacks

28.11.2017 Vulnerability for $10 thousand
Facebook eliminated a vulnerability that allowed deleting absolutely any photo posted on the social network

27.11.2017 1.7 million Imgur accounts were compromised
Supposedly, the data was stolen 3 years ago

27.11.2017 Linus Torvalds unleashed
Creator of Linux urged cybersecurity experts to remember medical ethics principle ‘do no harm’