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Firefox will notify users about the breaches

Mozilla Foundation, an organization behind the development and support of the Firefox browser, is willing to add a new function. It is assumed that the browser will notify users when they visit websites that fell victims to data breaches previously. One of the Mozilla engineers Nihanth Subramanya reported that they have teamed with a well-known researcher Troy Hunt, creator of the Have I Been Pwned? project. Webpage haveibeenpwned.com probably has the most complete information about all large data breaches.

At the moment, the work on the tool is on an early stage. The project has been released on GitHub portal and anyone can join the development. The idea is that the new tool will be integrated with the Have I Been Pwned? database, and the user when visiting a website that suffered from breaches previously will get all the information about the incident directly from the browser. Users will also be able to enter their data and check whether they were victims of the breaches as well.

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Firefox will notify users about the breaches