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Linus Torvalds unleashed

Last week, Linux kernel creator Linus Torvalds heavily criticized cybersecurity experts. He was angry at proposals of several developers to kill several potentially dangerous processes. Torvalds, who is well known for his strong words, said that this approach to the security problems is “idiotic” and “moronic” while the suggestions themselves are “pure and utter bullshit”.

Obviously after he came down a bit, Linus Torvalds decided to present his views in more detail. In his new statement he highlighted that cybersecurity experts that believe their work to be done after they kill, eliminate or disable something irritate him. “We’re really only getting started”, said Torvalds pointing out that the end goal is user convenience. He urged developers to follow the medical practice principle ‘do no harm’. “So from a user standpoint, the hardening was just a big nasty annoyance, and probably made their workflow _break_, without actually helping their case at all, because they never really saw the original bug as a problem to begin with.”

Linux creator urged to report errors in program code, but to seek correction and not eliminate processes or functions altogether. Torvalds, however, couldn’t resist some harsh words again. “Because without users, your program is pointless, and all the development work you've done over decades is pointless”, he said. “Because in the end, those users really do matter. Without those users, your system may be 'secure', but all your security work was still just masturbation. You didn't do anything useful at all in the end.”

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