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17.06.2016 Russian delegate presents TLDStat service at APICB conference
The third Asia-Pacific Internet Resources Capacity Building Program has ended in Beijing

07.06.2016 Alexei Platonov: ENOG remains the most respected platform for the technical community
ENOG 11 brought together more than 750 participants

27.05.2016 HostObzor holds anniversary conference
Forum participants discussed developments regarding registration, licensing and relations with rights holders

19.05.2016 IPv6 introduction needed to ensure network security
The 6th Russian IPv6 Day was held in St. Petersburg

18.05.2016 ENOG 11 regional conference brings together professionals
ENOG 11 will take place in Moscow on June 7-8  

12.05.2016 .РФ is in the hands of professionals
The domain marked its 6th anniversary on May 12, 2016

24.03.2016 Russian Internet security most important for TCI
Company experts attend RusCrypto conference

21.03.2016 Alexei Platonov re-elected as TCI Director General
Technical Center of Internet (TCI) holds extraordinary shareholder meeting

03.03.2016 Experts of the Technical Center of Internet (TCI) speak about online security
Moscow is playing host to a conference of the Russian Association of Networks and Services (RANS) entitled “Ensuring ICT confidence and securi...

26.02.2016 Andrei Romanov elected Chairman of Directors’ Board of Technical Center of Internet
Meeting of the Directors’ Board of Technical Center of Internet

18.02.2016 Registrars set to play major role in developing national domains
TCI delegation takes part in 69th APTLD General Meeting

09.02.2016 Technical Center of Internet signs memorandum to develop Russian Internet
Three organizations in charge of Internet infrastructure stability agreed to work together

24.12.2015 Technical Center of Internet elects new Board of Directors
The Technical Center of Internet holds extraordinary meeting of shareholders

21.12.2015 TCI Director Alexei Platonov suggests making Internet-related bills pass technical screening
Participants in the Internet Economy Forum discuss issues of net infrastructure development

11.12.2015 Participants in 2015 MSK-IX Peering Forum speak about Internet on Earth and in space
Moscow hosted the 11th MSK-IX Peering Forum

08.12.2015 TCI’s ISMS certificate extended
The British Standards Institution (BSI) has audited security system for compliance with Standard ISO 27001:2013

02.12.2015 Internet evolution discussed at the conference of the Russian Association of Networks and Services
Deputy Director of the Technical Center of Internet (TCI) Marina Nikerova made a speech at the third youth forum, Ethical, Culturological and ...

24.11.2015 Cryptographic algorithms GOST 2012 are now added to openssl
Experts at Technical Center of Internet (TCI) reached an agreement to support Russian cryptographic algorithms of digital signature and hashin...

05.11.2015 5 millionth domain name registered on .RU
The Russian national domain .RU has reached 5 million domain names

05.11.2015 Winners of the Learn the Internet and Manage It! Championship announced
The Fourth All-Russia Learn the Internet and Manage it! online championship completed the 2015 season